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Stylish blouses and shirts - buy wholesale or retail

Blouses and shirts are an integral part of a woman's wardrobe at any age. Such clothes are beautiful and in demand, so they are perfect both for free style and for a strict business suit. Many modern women have to be in the office five days a week. For each of them, it is important to look spectacular, without leaving the dress code. In this case, buying a blouse or shirt in the Odegdamindal online store will be the most correct decision.
Our assortment
The sales staff make sure that blouses and shirts in a wide variety of styles and colors are on sale. Thanks to this, even the most discerning fashionistas will be able to purchase a stylish product at an affordable cost. Available:
• plain shirts for everyday style;
• discreet but stylish office models;
• classic options for women's shirts;
• sleeveless blouses for the summer.
In the online store, you can order a blouse or shirt wholesale and retail. You do not have to buy the entire size range in order to make the right choice. It is possible to order goods from the catalog from one position. We will certainly help you determine the size and choose the most optimal sewing option.

Women's blouses and shirts - clothing features

At the time of the birth of the world of fashion, the shirt was considered an item of men's wardrobe and had nothing to do with women. As the evolution progressed, the features of men's and women's outfits began to be closely intertwined. Fashion designers have an interesting idea for the fair sex. They came up with a blouse that combined brutality with sophistication.
Modern fashion trends allow women to wear shirts and blouses by pairing them with different bottoms. In this way, it is possible to achieve a unique and thoughtful appearance. In our catalog you will find a lot of beautiful and high-quality models that will certainly complement your wardrobe.

Buy a blouse or shirt - what are the differences

The main difference between these two wardrobe items lies in the specifics of the cut. The shirt is sewn according to certain rules:
• fastening with buttons;
• collar with a stand;
• cuffs for models with long sleeves;
• chest pockets (in some versions).
There are no such restrictions for blouses. On such clothes, various decorative elements or bows may be present. Often there are blouses with non-standard sleeves and an original cutout. Another difference is the color scheme. As a rule, the shirt is sewn from fabric of standard shades. Most often, this element of the wardrobe is monochromatic, checkered or striped, less often - it may contain prints. The blouse can be of any color, including bright and juicy shades. The fabric can be decorated in the form of floral or geometric prints, as well as all kinds of patterns. Before you buy a women's blouse, pay attention to what kind of light and airy fabric it is made of. These clothes are perfect for creating a romantic look. At the same time, business women can also wear a blouse. For example, an option in white combined with trousers or a jacket will look great in a strict dress code. And vice versa, you can create a romantic mood with the help of a women's shirt if you add it with a skirt and a luxurious decoration on the neck, as well as roll up the sleeves a little.

Buy a blouse or shirt wholesale and retail

Our online store has extensive experience in customer service. In our work, we adhere to an individual approach to each customer, taking into account his personal tastes and preferences. It is profitable to buy a blouse or shirt in the Odegdamindal online store for the following reasons:
• affordable prices for the goods;
• the ability to order clothing wholesale and retail;
• constant replenishment of the assortment with new products;
• high quality of products;
• fast and high quality service.
The electronic catalog presents women's blouses and shirts directly from the manufacturer. This is a guarantee of the high quality and exclusivity of the presented models.

Any questions about the size and availability of goods can be asked to the manager in the most convenient way. Clients can contact us via email, phone or online chat. Highly qualified sales consultants will guide you on the product range, familiarize you with prices and help with ordering.
The online store cooperates with several payment systems. Thanks to this, each customer can choose the most convenient payment method for himself. The order is delivered by leading transport companies within a strictly agreed time frame. To keep abreast of new products, we recommend that you find us in social networks (links to go to groups are at the bottom of the page).